Call to Repair Relations through Reparations

Call to Repair Relations through Reparations

June 2017

On Juneteenth, Black folks across the country reclaimed #40Acres40Cities and put it to use for the good of the people – from growing food to breaking bread, from healing care to restoring ancestral wisdom, and housing people without homes, all the while liberating spirit with song and creative vision.

While we take action with our own labor, we also call for a return of accumulated wealth to Black people in the US and Black people across the diaspora.

What Role Can White People Play?

Many white people across the country both individuals and those sitting in institutional positions of power have amassed wealth because of the historical legacy of slavery as well as the current and ongoing oppression and exploitation of Black people. Now more than ever we need white people to step into this fight for black liberation in a way that does not reproduce existing paradigms but instead supports black folks restoring their own self-determination.

We call on folks across the U.S. to take up this annual call for repairing our relations. For white folks and others who have access to or benefit from accumulated wealth, this means identifying ways to transfer land title, capital, and other resources to Black-led self-determining sanctuary projects.

We call for both institutional and individual reparations this Juneteenth and every Juneteenth.

  • Fill out this contact form to let us know you are interested in advancing this Call to Repair– by transferring land, capital, or organizing other white folks with access to wealth to do so.
  • Read, share, and discuss the Black Land & Liberation Manifesto and information about this project and other reparations projects across the country with your family and friends. Get involved with organizations like SURJ, Solidaire, and Resource Generation that are engaging white people to shift wealth to Black communities while restoring Indigenous sovereignty.