Chinyere Tutashinda

Call to Repair Relations through Reparations

Call to Repair Relations through Reparations June 2017 On Juneteenth, Black folks across the country reclaimed #40Acres40Cities and put it to use for the good of the people – from growing food to breaking bread, from healing care to restoring ancestral wisdom, and housing people without homes, all the while liberating spirit with song and creative vision. While we take action with our own labor, we also call for a return of accumulated wealth to Black people in the US and Black people across the diaspora. What Role Can White People Play? Many white people across the country both individuals

Reparations for Black Land and Liberation Manifesto

Reparations for Black Land and Liberation Manifesto Juneteenth 2017 We are a people who have been enslaved and dispossessed as a result of the oppressive, exploitative, extractive system of colonialism and white supremacy. In this system, our labor and its products have been forcefully taken from us for generations, for the accumulation of wealth by others. This extraction of wealth – from our labor, and from the land – formed the financial basis of the modern globalized world economy and has led to compounded exploitation and social alienation of Black people to this day. The original harm has not been


These values were created with the 1st cohort of the Black Land and Liberation Initiate, we offer these values as guides for your actions on June 19th,2017 Curiosity asking questions digging for understanding Courage knowing what our rights are being honest Spirituality moments of silence accepting incompleteness slowing down setting an altar being present Accountability without shame accepting feedback calling in consent Trust risk-taking feedback in right time & place leave space for where people are Communalism sharing collective responsibility community building Leadership in a leaderfull manner checking in with others not casting judgment concern with the collective move up,

Land Based Reparations Models

The models presented below are for Land-based reparations. Taking Land ourselves (e.g., Take Back the Land, BLLI) Public Private Institutional Reparations– drawing down resources through public and/or private institutional coffers for Black land and resource base (example, Urban Tilth, Earthseed, Soul City) public Private  Direct/Interpersonal Reparations– an individual or group directly funding the acquiring of land for black people no strings attached (white tears, land deeds, money, second house, retreat centers) One individual (e.g., Wildseed) A Black-controlled pot where individuals can make reparations and they can be distributed translocally with movement infrastructure

BLACKOUT Collective’s 4R’s

Black Direct Action Frames We view Black direct actions in 4 frames. We value these frames because it reminds us that there is a diversity of tactics. All 4 types of direct action are needed and valuable and have been used separately and collectively in the fight for liberation.  Direct Action (working definition) – Direct Action is  a tactic used to make an immediate intervention that stops business as usual. The purpose is to cause a crisis of conscious or a crisis for the state, the elite, corporations, etc. It is transformational in nature for those using tactic. The tactic aims